slow Firefox

Hi, I have a PC, an old laptop and a new laptop (Lenovo, 500 GB H/D, 8 GB RAM, intel i5 processor), all running Mandriva 2010.2. Firefox, on the PC and old laptop, is so slow, often saying it is connected to the site but still loading. If I wait long enough I get the site. The new laptop is 1 week old and it does the same but it has timed out on many occasions. Sometimes, even though the net legend says I am connected, I cannot get Firefox to find a site, a reboot is necessary. It feels like I have been botted. Does anyone know anything about Firefox behaving like this? Is there a way I can test for a bot on my machines. The new laptop has Win 7 home premium on it. I have loaded Firefox on it and it is like lightning in comparison and I am used to Linux being superior to windoze. Help would be appreciated.

I doubt very much that you have bots on all 3 machines.
I think it is more than likely it is your network settings.
Try to disable the IPv6 in the network settings.

I personally not had any problems with Firefox slowing down.
What version is Firefox at?
Try a different browser like Midori (lightweight) or if you are on KDE then try Arora or Rekonq

Any particular reason you are sticking with Mandriva 2010.2?
Try Mageia2 (very much like the old Mandriva used to be) Mageia 2

Try disabling IPv6 in whatever Mandriva uses for a network manager.

As SeZo says … try another browser, just to rule out Firefox.

But it sounds more like a networking issue to me.

Thank you, IPV6 was on with the new machine, took it off and all is better. IPOV6 was off on the old laptop but the speed just showed me to be not bad, think we are OK now. Thanks for the help.

I have no idea what you mean by “sanitizing the system from boot menu options” ???

and what happened when you tried to boot an Ubuntu LiveCD/LiveUSB ?

Sounds more like a networking issue, call your ISP to do a loopback test.