Small laptops & notebooks

I also have two Acer notebook computers one has Zorin the other has Mint. Originally both had windows XP. If I had kept XP which will soon be non supported the limited memory would make them useless for a windows upgrade. With so many out there and on eBay this could well be to Linux advantage to install small Linux distros. As XP is on the way out I had to have my desktop computer upgraded which is easier upgrade to take Windows 7 because I need certain windows programmes as well as running Ubuntu. So it looks like there will soon be a lot of small laptops and notebooks with XP going cheap. All to Linux advantage.

You could be right Bill

But the problem is these perfectly good machines won’t do the masses because we live in a culture of must have the latest and greatest and it must have the right label

it’s all about image, image is everything

it’s the culture of cool, a culture of obedience and a culture of blind ignorance

These machine will be great for existing Linux users and maybe some prospective ones

but the masses will blindly go on doing what they’re told and buying the marketing hype of their corporate masters


We’re all doomed … DOOMED I tell ya!!! :o

More fool them! All those charitable organisations who need working PCs and laptops should accept old ones from freecycle and have them Linuxed! But no they either do without or waste their money on microsoft PCs which cost them each time they go to the blue screen of death, need upgrades etc.