(Solved)Gnome Commander on Netbook

I have just installed Gnome commander on my netbook as I wanted a double pane view. It has however become the default File manager over Nautilus. This is flipin’ annoying. If I uninstall will it divert back to Nautilus?

OK, so I’m talking drivel…again. I have PCmanfm installed as well as Gnome commander. PCmanfm opens sometimes and Gnome commander others. Pepermint on Samsung netbook.

OK I have unistalled Gnome Commander but I am still getting this…Command “nautilus” returned error 1

On Volumes only

You need to point PCManFM to those commands so it recognizes PCManFM as the default file manager. Right now Nautilus is the default file manager for Ubuntu/Mint.

Very odd … I tried installing gnome-commander and it gave me no problems.

did you ever right click a folder and select “Open with” then select gnome-commander ?

what are the contents of:

gedit ~/.local/share/applications/mimeapps.list


gedit /usr/share/applications/defaults.list

Is your File Manager listed in the menu’s at menu>Accessories>File Manager ?

Sorry my net book has Completely crashed. Will have to come back to this.

Posting on my android phone.

It has appeared that it was more of a wider problem but thanks anyway.

Whats your favourite split pane file manger?

On the whole, in Peppermint, I just use PCManFM and open multiple tabs (or multiple instances) … But for “split view” I have tried and quite liked …

SunflowerBe Aware, it’s currently an “Alpha” release so some things aren’t perfect yet … such as running an executables, etc. … though you can open a terminal in one of the tabs.
(looks very promising, and works fine, depending on what you want it for)

See here:


Download the .deb here:
or direct download link:

Thanks I’ll have a look.