[SOLVED] How long should K9Copy Assistant take

I ripped some films as ISO’s and now using K9Copy Ass’t to rip the main movie out and I was just wondering how long it should usially take as it’s taking a long time to do it… Just over 10 hours now and it’s at 99%. I remember doing it before and it never took that long before!
Is there a repo I can add so it gets updates?

Just read this;
Sad to see :frowning:
So… NO repo, but there was a newer version, 2.3.8 (tar.gz) but I’m still not 100% confident on installing tar.gz’s so will need a little help, anyone!

That’s a bit sad:(

I think desktop Linux does have a future, a better one than Windoze anyway.

Yup, I think he’s wrong about desktop Linux too, but I do agree with him that the DVD (for films) is obsolete …

OK, here’s the problem as I understand it … moderm DVD anti-rip protection such as Arccos, Ripguard, and Corrupted TOC … will defeat most ripping programs by inserting corrupted data in parts of the disk that aren’t normally read whilst playing the DVD.

But when you try to rip the DVD, the ripping application attempts to copy ALL paths on the disk … therefore hits the unreadable corrupted data and either stops or crashes.

The ONLY ways round this are AFAIK -

a) Use an application that DOESN’T follow TOC paths to just rip the VOB files … then stitch the together … which will NOT copy the menus etc.

b) Use a Windows application such as DVDFab HD decryptor … which has some weird way of following the TOC and building it’s own map of the menu structure when it hits corrupted sections.

AFAIK, (though I could be wrong) nobody seems to be doing any work to solve this because the DVD is considered obsolete … even in the Windows world there are only a couple fo programs that can defeat it, obviously because not enough people are willing to pay for an app that can.

Think about it … a DVD ripper now not only has to defeat CSS … it also has to map and re-author at the same time … I suppose, not “that” difficult, but not enough people care any more.

I just had to hit ‘Cancel’ on the ripping as it was something over 12 hours now

What other ‘ripper’ can I use that will save ‘AVI’ format? I’ve had a play with Handbrake but that doesn’t save ‘AVI’ only ‘MP4’ and ‘MKV’ AFAIK

Did you read my last response ? … IF this DVD contains one of the new rip protection system… NO DVD ripper will work, except maybe DVDFab HD decryptor run in WINE.

or doing it the way we’ve discussed before in another thread.

ie. rip the VOB’s, stitch them together with the cat command, and convert to AVI

I’m thinking of binning Wine!, complete break from Window$

or doing it the way we've discussed before in another thread.

I found that one and was doing it that way.

ie. rip the VOB's, stitch them together with the cat command, and convert to AVI

I forgot about that way, I’ll do it that way, it’s better and it’ll get me using the terminal so I can get used to it, thanks for the reminder.
I used the ‘cat’ command a couple of says ago for something, but forgot what it was now lol

Just looked back and it was to create an ‘.ISO’ from the whole DVD

Just done a search for ‘cat’ and I can’t find it? was it a post you directed me to or was it one between us?

it’s OK, panic over, I found it, searched ‘DVD’

It’s in the second half of this posting:

You might also want to take a look at this … I haven’t tried it, so you’re on your own:

Good luck :slight_smile:

Heck, it’s been just over 20 years since I last did anything with C, when I did my C&G Level2