[SOLVED] Kdenlive unable to render due to drive permission

As the title suggests, I can’t render a clip as Kdenlive is not being allowed to write the file.
I’ve tried what you, Mark, suggest in THIS thread (post#4). Yet, I am still unable to render the file…
The location is ‘/media/pooky2483/EXT-02-4Tb/Video/Kdenlive/’
How can I change the ownership & permission of the whole drive, except the ‘lost+found’ folder?

Have you tried simply (recursively) setting the mount point as writeable by everyone ?

sudo chmod -R 777 /media/pooky2483/EXT-02-4Tb

I tried it and I still get this warning;


Forget that, I just looked at the error dialog in Kdenlive itself and it was trying to write to home, which I did not want and I thought I had already changed the save location.