Solved - Linux compatible printers

Just about to replace a broken printer.

Has anyone got any recommendations for a cheap, Linux-compatible, printer/scanner/copier?

I’m tempted by the HP 2544.



Which Linux diistro/version/architecture ?

the HP Deskjet 2544 has been supported since version 3.13.8 of hplip … so if your distro contains that version or higher, it should be fine

Hello Mark,

Ubuntu 14.04.

Architecture? I thought 14.04 was 14.04, full stop. Still learning Linux…

I hate printers. Impossible to know how cost effective they’re going to be, what with ink costs. I rather like the HP “instant ink” pitch, but I don’t think this model qualifies for it.

Any thoughts, anyone?


Architecture means 32bit or 64bit version of the distro ? … so a full description would be something like
Ubuntu 14.04 32bit
Mint 17 64bit

In any case, 14.04 has hplip version 3.14.3 … so it should be fine with the HP Deskjet 2544 :slight_smile:


It’s 64 bit as it happens.

Thanks Mark. I think I’ll buy that printer tomorrow unless anyone posts a good reason not to in the meantime…

will post back.


You’re most welcome :slight_smile:

We’ve got an HP 2544, works fine under Linux. The ink level software and all that nice stuff Windows gets doesn’t work under Linux, but printing and scanning are fine, even wirelessly (use a static IP!)

Thanks Chemicalfan,

Haven’t bought the printer yet because of other things to do. It’s in the local Tesco for £50 though, which seems reasonable, so I’ll try to get there tomorrow…

I’m now thinking about the HP Envy 4500, because it does what the 2544 doeas, but also qualifies for ‘HP Instant Ink’.

It seems to be Linux compatible.

Any thoughts, anyone?



Supported by hplip >= 3.13.6

Given Chemicalfan’s comments about the 2544 working, but not getting all the stuff windows gets, can anyone confirm that the “instant ink” facility works in Linux?

I don’t want to go online in XP, I definitely don’t want to buy Windows 8/10, and I’m struggling to set up an internet connection in a VM (VirtualBox). If Instant ink isn’t available in Linux I may as well stick with the HP 2544.

Thanks for all replies.


Hi mikep

According to the HP website the 2544 is not eligible for instant ink :frowning:

click " find out if your printer is eligible"


As far as I can tell, Instant Ink doesn’t even require a PC - the printer uses its own wireless function to communicate with HP directly via your router to the internet

True. That’s why I’m considering the Envy 4500 (see above).

Bummer! I won’t have wireless in the house. If Instant Ink requires wirleless, then Instant Ink is not an option. Thanks.

Just read an article in PC Adviser, which states that Instant Ink is not very cost effective for mono printing. Given that, and the fact that I won’t use wireless, plus the fact that I don’t like the idea of gadgets running my life (what people allow their 'phones to do is scary), I’ll stick with the 2544.

50 pages for £1.99 per month sounded good, but if that doesn’t compare favourably with buying my own ink, I’ll buy the cheaper printer and avoid the potential penalties of overstepping my allowance.

Thanks everyone for your input.


PS: for what it’s worth, I’ll never buy another Canon printer or camera again. Had both, and I’m very unhappy with the aftersales service when they go wrong! I’ve mentioned this to Canon, but they haven’t bothered to reply…