[SOLVED] Metadata

I am currently using ripperx to rip CD’s and inserting the correct info into into the editable fields but when importing them into Banshee.
What is happening is the metadata is not being read by Banshee. I am also using Ex Falso to verify the metadata but there is nothing there!
Why is this, Any ideas?

Is there a better ripper program out there?

I now use asunder to rip MP3’'s (or sound juicer) … Asunder has better CDDB lookup, but Sound Juicer is quicker.

For any that don’t get the ID3 tags added for you … add them manually with something like easytag (in the repo’s) or search Synaptic for an “ID3” tag editor.

Thanks Mark, Asunder’s done the trick, it writes the metadata properly and is visible in Ex Falso.

I’m using EasyTag to get the metadata but when trying to use it’s own audio player; ‘Misc/Run Audio Player’ it comes up with ‘Program ‘xmms -p’ can’t be found!’.
How do I add this program to it and are there any other things that need adding to EasyTag?

Now that Ubuntu only has xmms2 in the repos … it’s a pain to setup to work properly with easytag … just use vlc instead.

In EasyTag go to - Settings>Preferences>Misc

and set -

File Audio Player
Player to run: vlc

and click the OK button.

or replace vlc as the “Player to run” with whatever command starts the player you use.

Thanks for that again :slight_smile: