[SOLVED] Need help with creating PDF's

Anyone know of a program I can use to CREATE and/or edit a PDF document to add pages to it which are not already PDF format, e.g. a JPG scan of a letter…
I’ve got PDF Shuffler but it is hardly useful at all. I’ve also got PDF Editor and that again, does not do what I need it for.

Install the cups-pdf package:

sudo apt-get install cups-pdf

You’ll then be able to select PDF as a printer, whenever you attempt to “print” a document … by default they will be saved in a folder called PDF in your Home folder.

Nice one, thanks for that, all I need to do now is edit them all and cut off the area of the scan not needed then ‘print’ them.

Hi, try PDF chain you should find it in your software centre; I have found it very good.

We use Serif for all this at work but thats windows!! Surely Open Office allows you to play with PDFs? You should be able to convert/edit/create PDFs - I could be wrong

Tried it but it doesn’t work, there is no folder named ‘PDF’ in my ‘HOME’ folder!

There should be ???

In any application, select File>Print … Select PDF as the printer … click the Print button.

Now go to /home/username/PDF

You can get there by running:

nautilus ~/PDF

is there a .pdf file in there ?

Could not find PDF.
Like I said, there is no PDF folder there.
Should the PDF print application have made one? I’ll make one and see if it puts one in there.

Yes, it worked, I created a folder called ‘PDF’ and tried to print a PDF and it put one in there.
Wondering why it didn’t work in the first place? Should it have created a folder itself or should I have done one for it?

It should have created one for you (if it didn’t already exist) … don’t know what’s going on there, but who cares if it’s working :slight_smile:

This also didn’t create one in Ububtu 12.04 so I had to manually create it.

I just installed Cups-pdf as well and it all worked fine. I got the folder called pdf in the home folder. Ubuntu 12.04 with gome

Don’t know why mine didn’t do it… on either system?

Oddly enough, it doesn’t automatically create the ~/PDF directory on mine either … so if anyone else reads this … to install cups-pdf:

sudo apt-get install cups-pdf

then create the PDF directory in your Home directory wiith:

mkdir ~/PDF