(SOLVED) Peppermint OS4 on a home built desktop

Hi Mark,
My Windross xp machine has outlived its usefulness and I am thinking of installing PeppermintOS4 on it.
Can I just follow the stages up to and including 7, in the thread ‘Installing PeppermintOS4 on an Acer Inspire’ ?

take care
Don W

If your PC will boot from a USB stick, then YES … stages 1 - 7 (inclusive), and also this command from stage 8:

sudo apt-get install pulseaudio pulseaudio-utils pavucontrol

If it won’t boot from a USB stick, you might need to burn a LiveCD and use that as the installation media instead.

Any problems … just ask :slight_smile:

Hi Mark,
Thanks for the quick reply.
The problem with the Windross machine is the HD.
I will need to purchase a new HD and then decide on the OS knowing that support for XP ends next year.
I have 3 e-mail accounts and I worry that I may lose access to them, although I have 2 ported on to this machine where I use PeppermintOS 3 and they run o.k.
I feel I am worried about nothing so I will see about a new hard drive first and worry about an OS later.
Thanks for your time, you are always very helpful.

take care
Don W
EDIT I just noticed my signature and the other machine has the same stats. ???

Hi Mark,
Can you please explain how to put the PeppermintOS4 iso on to a USB stick using a Linux machine ?

take care
Don W

OK, provided you’re using an Ubuntu based distro … I’ve added it to the Peppermint 4 tutorial … you’ll find it at the end of this posting:
(I could have sworn I’d already added it … maybe my mind is going)

If you’re using a non-Ubuntu based distro … let me know and I’ll post how to use Unetbootin to create the LiveUSB.

Thanks Mark,
I will be downloading to this Peppermint 3 system

take care
Don W

Yeah, that’ll work in Peppermint 3 :slight_smile:

I had a look at the pendrive installer and there are 4 different options on the page to download the programme.
I chose the first one and it offered to put on all sorts of toolbars etc. I called a halt there as this was put me off Windross.
I don’t want a lot of stuff put on the machine.
The Peppermint iso has downloaded as Peppermint .iso.torrent.
So, how do I get a clean USB installer, will the extras be easily removed ? and will the >torrent be ok .

take care
Don W

What download page ? … I thought you were using startup disk creator in Peppermint 3 ?

you don’t want the torrent … tell me which version you want and I’ll post a direct link to the ISO image.
(do you want Peppermint 4 32bit ?)


EVERYTHING that follows should be done on your Peppermint 3 box

Download this file (Peppermint 4 32bit ISO image):

Now make sure you have usb-creator-gtk installed, by opening a terminal (Ctrl+Alt+T) and running:

sudo apt-get install usb-creator-gtk

once that command finishes, close the terminal.

Plug in the USB stick you want to use…

now in your menus go to -

menu > System Tools > Startup Disk Creator

Here’s what to expect -


I’ve found it’s usually best to let it format the USB stick first, so in the bottom pane select your USB stick, and hit the “Erase Disk” button, and enter your password if prompted.

Once the format is done, in the top pane, select the ISO image you want to create the LiveUSB stick from (if it’s not already there, browse to it by clicking the “Other” button)

If you want the LiveUSB to be persistent (ie. able to save changes), make sure “Store in reserved extra space” is selected, and use the slider to adjust the size of the persistence file (the amount of room set aside for saving changes).

Click the “Make Startup Disk” button.

You’ll be prompted for your password a couple of times before it tells you the LiveUSB has been created and is ready for use.

:-[OOOPPSS :-[

I have spent over 3hrs downloading the iso and when it finished it said an error occcured and the file couldn’t be saved, try downloading again.

Can I buy a disc ?

take care
Don W

I think you can, but would it help if I uploaded an ISO to my dropbox so you can download it from there ?

As I think the disks (or USB sticks) come from the US, so may take some time.


Apparently VPS.NET are having problems tonight (and they host the Peppermint downloads).

I’ve uploaded it to my dropbox, here:

MD5 hash (md5sum) =


VPS.NET seems OK today … so you could try downloading directly from the Peppermint homepage again if you’d prefer:

If you’d still rather buy a Disk or USB stick … see here:

Hi Mark,
Thanks for all the help.
I have finally got round to using the Windross computer that was giving me grief.
I used the instructions for ’ Downloading the PeppermintOS (Four) ISO image (to a Windows PC) and writing it to the USB stick ’ that you supplied for the Acer machine.
After clicking on the Try Peppermint line Peppermint 4 opened with the big red screen, and I opened Chrome and logged on here.
Again thanks for the help I will now go and follow the rest of the instructions and see what happens.

take care
Don W

Glad you got it working :slight_smile:

Don’t follow ALL the instructions in that tutorial … some of it is Aspire One Zg5 specific.

Hi Mark,
I am back on the linux machine to get the instruction stages 1 to 7 (and the line from 8)
My Caps Lock and Scroll Lock lights started flashing madly and the mouse froze.
I had to turn the machine off at the plug for a couple of minutes.
It seems to have restarted ok so I will go and get that info.
Thanks again.

take care
Don W

caps and. scroll lock is a kernel panic… if it does that again we’ll have to figure out why.

Hi Mark,
I have put Peppermint 4 on this machine now ( the machine with Windross that was running at a snails pace) and used the whole partition, overwriting Windross XP.
I have carried out the instructions up to stage 7 but I have not yet setup Java.
This machine is running slowly and I may have brought over the bug that was affecting the other OS from running.
I will start again in the morning and see what happens

take care
Don W
PS I think there is something in memory. If so I will bin this computer.
EDIT Can I change the default screen size ? the pages are all opening on my desktop, and I have to enlarge to full screen ?
PPS I don’t know where the smiley came from at the end (it cut off the end) of the first line in my last post

Hi Mark,
I started this machine this morning and was presented with the same problems I had running XP.
It took over 4 minutes staring at a blank screen before the post BIOS message came up.
At the end of the info. screen a message came up ‘looking for drives’.
It is looking for a SATA RAID array.
When I press ‘Tab’ it displays
There is a lot more on the screen but I can’t navigate round it as no keys seem t work.

I am at a loss here and it looks as if Windross was ok but the BIOS is playing up.
Sorry to be such bother, I will go and see what I can find on this problem.

take care
Don W

Can you get into the BIOS ?

if so, turn RAID off

If not, are you using a USB, or PS/2 keyboard ?

Hi Mark,
I am using a Genius wireless keyboard and mouse.
I will shut down and reboot to access the BIOS setup

take care
Don W
I have rebooted and at the end of the post BIOS screen it says
Scan Devices Please Wait :
Press Tab :
Serial_CH0 Master No Drive
Serial_CH1 Master No Drive

When I press Tab, it takes me to this

Via Tech. VT8237 SATA RAID BIOS VER2.01
The screen has a lot of info but the top left section is grayed out

Serial No.

On the top right it has
F1: View Array/Disk Status
Up and Down arrows: Move to next Item
Enter: Confirm
Esc: Exit
The only option that works here is Esc
This asks ‘Are you sure you want to exit the utility’
I have to take the ‘Y’ option as ‘N’ leaves me in limbo

take care
Don W

You didn’t say if you were able to access the BIOS ?

What’s the output from:

inxi -F