SOLVED remove peppermint

Hi All,
1 I have been running PeppermintOS2 on my number 2 computer for a while now, and am very pleased with the results.

2 I have been running PeppermintOS2 on my number 1 computer in a dual boot with Windows XP. I run Autocad in XP daily and need Windows to run it.

3 I would like to remove PeppermintOS2 from the number 2 computer and reinstall XP and Autocad.

Can anyone tell me how to delete Peppermint and re install Windows ?

take care
Don W

With this talk of computer two and computer one, and removing Peppermint to install Windows when Windows is already on one of the PC’s … I’m seriously confused :o

Let just talk about the PC you want to change eh.

Tell me what’s already installed, and what you want to achieve.

Hi Mark,
I want to remove PeppermintOS2 and re install Windows XP.
Can you tell me how to do this ?

take care
Don W

Is Peppermint the ONLY OS on the PC ?

Have you got a Windows XP CD and key ?

if not … have you got a “Recovery CD” from the manufacturer ?

Is this a Laptop or Desktop ? … what is the make/model ?

Does the PC have a recovery partition ?

from within Peppermint, open a terminal and run:

sudo fdisk -l

and post the output.

Hi Mark,
Peppermint is the only OS on the computer
I have the Windows XP CD and the key.
The machine is a desktop
I don’t know about recovery partition or recovery disc.

This is the result of sudo fdisk -l

don w

OK … you have 2 options.

a) insert the XP CD, and boot from it … at some point it will ask you where you want to install it and display the partition layout, now reaad what’s on the screen carefully, you’ll see options like hit D to delete …you need to delete ALL the current partitions (extended partition last), then create a single partitoin that fills the entire disk, and when asked, tell it do format it as NTFS full format) …then it will carry on with the install.


b) boot to your Peppermint LiveCD, then start Gparted, and use it to delete ALL 3 partitions (extended sda2 partition last) … then either create a single NTFS partition in Gparted, or shut down, boot the Windows CD and use that to create a single NTFS partition during the install.
(this method MUST be done from a LiveCD/USB, Gparted cannot delete mounted partitions, so it cannot be done whilst booted to the hard drive)

Once the 3 Linux partitions have been deleted, Peppermint/Linux is GONE, and this really becomes a Windows installation question … but I’ll still help if you become stuck … Wouldn’t want people to say I’m biased (even though I freely admit I AM) :wink:

BTW, you do realise you’re going to need to find Windows drivers for all your hardware ? … XP won’t install them itself like Linux … though it should install enough to get you up and running, you’ll then have to download things like your graphics card, printer, wireless adapter, and any other required drivers and install them yourself … so if you normally connect by wireless, it may be a good idea to get those first and have them ready on a CD or USB stick.

I run Autocad in XP daily
Unless I am mistaken you are only wanting to install XP for using AutoCad? Could you not try to install XP in a VM like VirtualBox or like?

Without trying I do not know how well AutoCad would perform.
I do use AutoCad on daily basis and this is something I should do too (soon)

Good idea … if you only want XP for running AutoCAD, install XP INSIDE Peppermint by installing Virtualbox then installing XP as a virtual machine.

Let us know if you want instructions.

I’ve used AutoCAD before, and I believe it NEEDS a lot of memory to perform optimally. So it could be very slow in a VM.

If you are running AutoCad then you DO have lots of ram in the first place. But the requirements are not that huge.
in my experience 2GB is just fine. It is Windows that eats up all your ram.

Hi Guys,
I have removed PeppermintOS2 and re installed XP and Autocad and everything runs well.
However the monitor on this machine is too small to run Autocad comfortably.
I do not intend to swap monitors, so I will set this machine back to PeppermintOS when Ver.3 arrives.

thanks for your help, I will be back

take care
Don W

Hi All,
I’m back with another question.
How do I remove PeppermintOS2 from my computer.
It is a dual boot with Windows XP.

take care
Don W

Hmm … slightly tougher/riskier … and as previously mentioned, really a windows question.

Use a LiveCD or LiveUSB and gparted to delete ALL the Linux partitions … then resize the Windows partition to fill the space vacated by the Linux partitions.

then reinstall the Windows bootloader, by booting the XP CD, accessing the the “Recovery Console”, then running fixmbr and fixboot

See here:

BE AWARE … ANY partition manipulation procedure carries a small risk of data corruption … so backup anything you cannot afford to loose FIRST … you have been warned :wink:

Thanks Mark,
I will try this and let you know how I get on.
take care
Don W

Hi Mark,
I have tried to sort this machine out but I can’t get it to boot to Windows.
It is now an expensive doorstop, thanks for trying.

take care
Don W

It would be interesting to see what steps have you performed
a) to remove Peppermint
b) to restore Windows

If windows is still there (and it probably is), it’s probably just a bootloader issue … have you tried booting to the XP CDROM, then when propted hitting F6 (or whatever it is) to access the “Recovery Console”, then running:



It’s never a doorstop unless it’s a hardware fault … worst case scenario, wipe the hard drive, and reinstall Windows from scratch … but that’s “worst case”, it’s probably still fixable without going to those lengths.

I’d say run CHDSK from the CMD and see if there are any errors with the Windows partition.

Sorry donwatson, I fought it … and held on for as long as I could … but … but … but … Why not fix it by putting Linux back on ?

Ahhh … I feel so much better now :slight_smile:

Only kidding … sorta

Hi Mark,
I have PeppermintOS 2 on the other computer and it works great.
I was just trying to put XP on this computer to run Autocad.

take care
Don W
PS When I start this computer it goes into a continual loop.
It arrives at a screen that offers a startup choice of
Safe Mode
Safe Mode with Networking
Safe Mode with Command Prompt
Last known good configuration
Start Windows normally
If I pick any of the first 3 it opens another screen that loads Windows drivers, then says Press Escape to cancel loading a347bus.sys.
I have tried every configuration that is offered but the machine just loops back from the bios setup screen to the loading screen.
This loop means I have to pull the plug to stop the machine >:(