[solved] S3.amazonaws virus?

I was searching in Firefox for a legitimate copy/stream of the film ‘Mahogany’, and suddenly S3.amazonaws is my new best friend/browser hijacker.

It’s asking me to install an “important Firefox update”. Obviously it’s scumware. I daren’t click ‘Don’t allow’,so I have no option but to shut down Firefox (I’m typing this in Chrome). When I re-open FF it’s still there, surprise surprise.

Any ideas folks?

I’m running Xubuntu.


I’m thinking uninstall FF then re-install it…

You could just rename the .mozilla folder to get a fresh start
Close Firefox then:

mv ~/.mozilla ~/.mozilla-back

this will rename the folder and give you chance to start again

uninstalling/reinstalling FF won’t help because that won’t clear the profile directory.

Just do as SeZo suggests, with FF closed rename (or delete) the ~/.mozilla directory … then when you start FF it will be back to defaults.

Thanks both,

However, I don’t think I need to do anything. I reopened FF and while it was still loading I closed the tab with s3.amazonaws in it. Now it seems back to normal. Not the most aggressive browser hijacker!

Thanks for the help.