[SOLVED] Slider bar gone

The bar at the side of some open GUI programs has gone, it’s there in the browser but gone in programs such as Transmission.
How do I get it back in the ones that had it?

You probably changed something in gnome-tweak-tool

Which desktop ?

The one I’m using lol (only joking)
Gnome as I can’t stand the other one.

IIRC, there’s a setting in gnome-tweak-tool that changes the scroll bar from the new type (where scroll only appears when you hover the mouse over te righ of a window) to the old type (where the scroll bar is always present) … you didn’t change that did you ?

Don’t think I did, I couldn’t see that setting, unless I’m not understanding the name its called?

Just been looking through it and why is Shell Theme left blank?

Vertical scrollbars … try this:
Open Synaptic, and search for liboverlay-scrollbar

You should see some files listed with names like:


(make a note of the names in case you want to replace them)

If any of them are installed (green box) … mark them for removal, click “Apply” (to remove them) … REBOOT, to apply the changes.

That should get you back to the original scrollbar style.


Are you using Gnome shell, or Gnome Classic ? … the themes don’t work in “Classic” … and IIRC, you have to install some themes first anyway.

sorted, it’s back to normal :slight_smile:

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Slider bar gone
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