[SOLVED] slock

Hey guys!

Do any of you use slock? It’s probably the simplest screen lock out there. There are no graphics just a blank screen. You have to type your password blind to unlock.

Anyway, it was recently updated and now instead of a plain black screen while typing your password it changes to blue. I’ve had a quick scour of the web but I can’t seem to find anything relating to changing the colour.

If anybody out there is having the same issue or knows how to return it to a black screen I’d be interested to know. I know it sounds petty but hey!

I’m using Arch and slock 1.1-1 in Xfce.

Cheers in advance.

Looking through the source it appears that it has been changed in March when they applied Eckehard Bern’s dualcolor patch.
If you are prepared to recompile then it would be trivial to change it back:
You would need to modify config.mk to use the same colour (black) for both DCOLOR1 & DCOLOR2 without changing the code:


    # flags
    CPPFLAGS = -DVERSION=\"${VERSION}\" -DHAVE_SHADOW_H -DCOLOR1=\"black\" -DCOLOR2=\"\#005577\"


     # flags
    CPPFLAGS = -DVERSION=\"${VERSION}\" -DHAVE_SHADOW_H -DCOLOR1=\"black\" -DCOLOR2=\"\black\"

You can download the source code here

Do not know about slock, but have used i3lock in the past.

You can specify either a background color or a PNG image which will be displayed while your screen is locked
It is in Arch repos http://i3wm.org/i3lock/

Awesome! Cheers SeZo, that worked a treat!

Just had a quick look at the i3 WM, I’ve not heard of it before. Looks quite good! I am partial to the occasional tiling WM :stuck_out_tongue:

@ glitch … Thanks for marking it solved :slight_smile:

@ SeZo … That was a response and a half … not only a working solution, but a background to the app too :wink:

Glad it worked for you. :slight_smile:

Now you make me blush :-[