[SOLVED] Sorting Pictures

I have just got back a Hd that has files recovered but the filenames were lost so they’re all been given numbers, 001.jpg 002.jpg etc…
I have a couple of hundred thousand to sort through and it’s very time consuming and annoying with the way I am doing it, using Krusader and Shotwell.

I know of a program but it is in WindowS that sorts them out on screen and displays them as little icons by their colour content, is there anything similar in Ubuntu?

Anyone have any ideas…

So your looking for a batch organizer? Why not type “batch” into the software center under the photo category?

Give Picasa a go.

Not using Window$ any more, just made reference to it.

You can get it for Linux. Sorry this stop supporting it April this year.

As Toonman says, there was/is a Linux native version of Picasa 3.0 (damn you Google for dropping Linux native support) … but there are also plenty of tutorials online for installing Picasa 3.9 in WINE.

such as:

Yep. They have a cheek. Google happy to rip Linux for Android but drop support for the main operating system.

I’m using my handset at the moment so it is difficult for me to search bookmark posted an interesting link to several graphic programs recently. Search for it and have a look very interesting.

Actually it wasn’t a post it was a pm


No wonder I couldn’t find it lol, I have just looked back through your posts as far as March :o

Just tried it and it seems the link don’t work???
Had to edit it to get it working

Sorry. Trying to post on my mobile. All fingers and thumbs. Are you on the link?

Yeah, I got it thanks. It’s not much of a comprehensive list though (the author does say the list will be updated).
I’m after something that can sort them out by what the actual picture looks/contains as in something that can sort out pictures that have a lot of sky on them or green for grass, I need something that will detect the high content of white as I need to find all my scanned documents

I don’t think there is a package for you. This is the reason why I still have to use windows it’s annoying but I hope in future someone will address it.

I can’t test this as I am in my non-Linux using workplace, but here is an app I’ve found online;

http://www.xnconvert.com/ (a version of XnView)

I’m not sure how easy it is to batch rename all your photos but I hope it is of some help.

I thought I spotted somewhere that Picasa does facial recognition ??? … dunno though.

I’ve got over that hurdle with pyRenamer and Krusader with Krename, the both work great.

I thought that too, something on the lines of how Digital Cameras work.

Got it sorted now, using DigiKam and ‘View’… Group Images … By Format
Also, Find Similar

Thanks to Toonman who gave me the link.
I used Digikam while using Ubuntu11.10 due to Shotwell temporarily crashing, but didn’t really look into it.