[SOLVED] Unable to create new VB after deleting old VB

I am unable to select an ISO after creating a virtualbox OS and then deleting it, then creating tone with the same name, I don’t get the option to select an ISO as the set-up skips that step and goes straight into trying to boot.

I am now unable to select an ISO for ANY VB machine I create as the step to select an ISO is skipped and pre process goes straight to booting up the OS.

I think I’ve found a bug.

I can create a VB OS, say Ubuntu 16.04 and then change settings to suit, select the OS ISO and run it as a normal OS.
I then delete the VB and try to create the same VB OS again, with the same name.
What happens is I don’t get the option of choosing the OS ISO, it just continues on and reports an error that there’s no OS.

Dunno if that’s a bug, but if it is you’re reporting it in the wrong place.

Why not just mount the ISO via the VM settings ?


If you don’t mind loosing any already created VM’s you could always delete the VirtualBox config directories … which will set Vbox back to defaults

I know this aint the place to report bugs, I was just bringing it up that I think it’s a bug.

I’ve figured how to get around it.

When I create a VB and then delete it for some reason and create it again, I leave all the settings alone until I’ve actually created the VB and selected the ISO.

I don’t quite get you when you say “Why not just mount the ISO via the VM settings ?


Ah, I get you now.
I didn’t realise I could install the OS that way, I just thought it was to access the CD/DVD drive.