Solved. Wallpaper woes..

I’m trying to use a photo of my wife as a wallpaper/desktop background in Ubuntu 14.04.

I can get the photo to appear, and centre/stretch/tile etc, but what I cannot do is to stop this portrait oriented photo from switching to landscape (ie: rotating 90 degrees).

I tried rotating the original image 90 degrees in the opposite direction before using it but still no luck. It just insists on appearing on one side or the other.

Clues, anyone?


Have you considered adding it to a 4:3 or 16:9 black background in the GIMP … so it’s already landscape but with your portrait in the middle ?

just a thought…


I’m surprise “zoom” rotates the image :-\

No ZOOM doesn’t rotate it - I did that in an image editor before choosing it as the wallpaper.

I’ll try your suggestion. Seems a bit of a long way round though, just to get a photo onto the desktop. There ought to be an easier way…

Well like I said, setting a portrait image as the wallpaper in “zoom” mode shouldn’t rotate it.

How are you setting the image as the wallpaper ?

You’ve cracked it again Mark!

I just downloaded GIMP, and as soon as I opened the image it reported that according to the exif data it had been rotated and would I like to restore the original orientation (or words to that effect).

I think the original photo, taken on my iPod, was technically landscape and that was causing the problem.

Anyway. Sorted. Thank you. My wife is now smiling at me the right way up on both monitors…

I hope the peppermint release is going well.


I’m impressed the GIMP told me though. Usually I use an old version of Photoshop (who wants to keep paying for upgrades for a package which works pretty well) and I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t have read exif data. Another win for open source.

Peppermint Six is finished and ready to go … just the Peppermint website updates (user guide, screenshots, new content, etc) to do now … :slight_smile:

Goody Goody :wink: