Sound blaster 5.1 VX

I am looking for a website where I can download a driver for sound blaster 5.1VX… Can anyone please advise ?.

Which distro/version … and what exactly is the problem ?

What’s the output from:

aplay -l


sudo lshw -C multimedia


I have Ubunu 10:4 and 13:10 on different caddies. But reading various websites to do with this problem of sound Blaster 5’i VX, a lot of people have been having trouble getting it to work on Linux. So the engineer has taken it out to sent back and another will be ordered that is known to work with Linux. We now need to know what is the best one to get. It would also have to work with windows as there are two more caddies with XP and Windows 7. Any advice would be welcome which sound blaster to get…

Does it need to be a soundblaster ?

and do you require any specific features ?

PCI or PCIe ?

The cheap as chips CMI8330 based cards all seem to work.

This may help:

I don’t know. If a different one works then that would be OK.

Is there not one built into your motherboard ?

You haven’t mentioned if it’s PCI or PCIe, or if there are any specific features you require ?

Most soundcards will “just work” with Linux … but as you’ve discovered not all.

It may be easier if you could give a list of prospective soundcards, then we could search for known issues.

The one on the motherboard has packed up. A Sound Blaster 5.1 VX was put in which works with windows but not with Linux. The different OSs are on different caddies.There are no specific features needed, just a sound card that works which I can hear music, etc. on windows and Linux. The computer is a PC with an AMD processor - don’t know much more than that. I have now left it to the engineer to sort out. In the mean time I can use the computer without a sound card. But if it is known which one will definitely work, I would be interested to know then we can order.

I have a Soundblaster card in my PC (don’t know what model though). It wouldn’t work at all until I went into the BIOS and explicitly disabled the onboard sound chip.