Sound Issues on Samsung R60 plus solved

I am running mint 13 Maya 64bit. (new clean install).

Audio HDA-Intel - HDA ATI SB

Sounds are played OK in all programs except SKYPE where the sound is braking up.

Also the microphone is not recording even on max gain.

Any help welcome as I intended to use this laptop as my coms hub.

Try this …

Fire up Skype and log onto it

Right-click the skype icon in the system tray and select “Options”, then select the “Sound Devices” option on the left.

Take the tick out of “Allow skype to automatically adjust my mixer levels”

Now click the “Open PulseAudio Volume Control” button … and adjust your volumes on the output (speakers) and input (mic) tabs.

Ok will try that and see what happens…

That seems to have sorted out the issue.

Thanks yet again.

Will leave open for 24 hours just in case.

No problem :slight_smile: … Skype seems pretty rubbish at “automatically adjusting” the levels … well it is Microsoft after all :wink:

Have you noticed the Skype splash screen is blue … probably so it doesn’t clash with the Windows blue screen of death :slight_smile: