special transparency

How to call a special transparency that You see her date and tome and data?
like this in right side

& how to install & use it in linux lubuntu of desktop of LXDE?

Again something Peppermint has out of the box…

Install compton:

sudo apt-get install compton

you’ll now need to set it to autostart this command at every bootup

compton -cC

“Again something Peppermint has out of the box…”
What exactly do you mean?
What exactly does the compton? & how exactly to use it?

compton is a compositing manager … so gives you the ability to have desktop effects such as transparency and drop shadows, etc.

First install compton:

sudo apt-get install compton

then open the autostart file for editing:

sudo leafpad /etc/xdg/lxsession/Lubuntu/autostart

add a single new line to the file that reads:

@compton -cC

SAVE the file and exit leafpad

Now log off/on (or reboot) to test it’s working

You can check it’s runnning with:

ps aux | grep [c]ompton

PeppermintOS is based on Lubuntu, but has compositing by default … no need for the user to add/configure anything.

so the name of the software in this link it’s compton?

I do not understand well the German language if it’s really German language.

No, that’s conky … but if you want transparency in conky (or anything else) you’ll also require compositing … LXDE/Lubuntu doesn’t have compositing be default (to keep it light), but it can be added with compton.