Starting a terminal session in Peppermint 3

I am running Peppermint 3 on a Dell 505 laptop.
When using the standard Peppermint desktop I was able to invoke a terminal session using Ctrl+Alt+t, but since changing to Classic View this method no longer works. It’s not a real problem as I can use the menu to find it but I do prefer to use keyboard commands rather then the mouse and would be grateful for advice on how to restore this useful trick.

What the heck is “classic view” ? … openbox ?

If you run Peppermint 3 in such a way that one has to enter a password at boot-up, there is a choice of desktops available - just like in Ubuntu 12. I discovered this by accident and chose “Classic View, no effects”. The result is an Ubuntu-like classic view with “Applications Places” at the top left of the screen as in the attachment ( I couldn’t manage to paste an image here).

At some point you must have installed gnome-session-fallback … I’m pretty sure that’s not there by default.

Ah…I probably did…and promptly forgot about it. Sorry, Mark, but when you get to my age…etc. etc.

If no other keyboard shortcuts work, and you’re SURE you’re never going to use the standard Peppermint desktop, I suppoose you could use xbindkeys to configure the keyboard shortcuts (as used in Pedppermint 4 & 5) … but leaving xbindkeys running in the normal Peppermint 3 desktop might cause problems.

Problems?! Errmm…no. I think I’ll leave it alone. But it was worth a try and I thank you, as usual, for your advice.

Cheers, Mark.