Steam for linux now an official Ubuntu App!

Hi Guys,

I know I keep on banging on about steam, but for me this is really big.

Steam is now offcially supporting all Ubuntu based platforms that used deb package installers.

I have tried on Peppermint 3 and it is glorious (and far faster than Windoze).

In addition there is also a sale on games that are on the linux variant of steam.

Let the Linux gaming generation begin!!! :D:D:D:D:D

Does this mean I can finally get rid of my Windows machine altogether. Oh deep joy!

Now just need to set up an Ubuntu machine…

Nice! D/L and installing it now.
And that’s not a bad selection of games either, perhaps a little short on the big titles but hopefully they’ll came sooner now!

Rumors of Bethesda making a version of some elder scrolls games for Linux. For a lower price than the Windows versions! :D:D:D

Now that would be good! Been playing a lot of skyrim recently, would be great to be able to play it on Linux, really would have less reasons to boot windoze

I think they will probably start with Morowind as they were not being specific, but yeah, skyrim would be great