Streaming media to Xbox360/PS3 via uShare.

Been trying to get this to work, the xbox see’s the computer just won’t connect to it. My current config is:

# /etc/ushare.conf
# Edit this file with 'dpkg-reconfigure ushare'
# Configuration file for uShare

# uShare UPnP Friendly Name (default is 'uShare').

# Interface to listen to (default is eth0).
# Ex : USHARE_IFACE=eth0

# Port to listen to (default is random from IANA Dynamic Ports range)
# Ex : USHARE_PORT=49200

# Port to listen for Telnet connections

# Directories to be shared (space or CSV list).
# Ex: USHARE_DIR=/dir1,/dir2

# Use to override what happens when iconv fails to parse a file name.
# The default uShare behaviour is to not add the entry in the media list
# This option overrides that behaviour and adds the non-iconv'ed string into
# the media list, with the assumption that the renderer will be able to
# handle it. Devices like Noxon 2 have no problem with strings being passed
# as is. (Umlauts for all!)
# Options are TRUE/YES/1 for override and anything else for default behaviour

# Enable Web interface (yes/no)

# Enable Telnet control interface (yes/no)

# Use XboX 360 compatibility mode (yes/no)

# Use DLNA profile (yes/no)
# This is needed for PlayStation3 to work (among other devices)

as I said in chat, this may be an issue with your ICS connection…

but try this just in case

Create a folder in your home folder called Ushare:

mkdir ~/Ushare

Open the ushare.conf for editing:

sudo gedit /etc/ushare.conf

change the line -
save the file and exit gedit.

Now put a single MP3 file in the Ushare folder.

Stop ushare if it is running:

sudo /etc/init.d/ushare stop

and start it again

ushare -x

Now start the Xbox360 and see if the mp3 is available in Music.

The reason I want you to try this… to test if it’s failing because of files it cannot read properly.

Right, just tried this. I got the returned error message from the Xbox.

Unable to connect to the computer. A firewall may be blocking the connection.

I doubt if this can be done then … at least not without breaking ICS :frowning:

Awww. It won’t matter just now, I’ll wait. :slight_smile: