su su sudo (oh, oh)

OK, bad Genesis joke :slight_smile:

I have set my other half up with a standard account, which I have since discovered that I cannot sudo from to use run apt-get install. Is it safe for me to su to the account I made at install that gets put in the admin group, then use sudo to run the installl? Is it better to do software updates and install while logged into an account in the admin group? What is best practice?

I ask because my lack of understanding of the permissions got me into a bit of trouble before, requiring Mark to rescue me ::slight_smile:

Thanks in advance,


Personally, Iā€™d log in using your admin account, add the secondary to the needed groups and then save. That way you should be able to install software without the other account being admin.

Yup ā€¦ login to your account ā€¦ open Users and Groups ā€¦ and either make her account an administrator, or add her user to the sudo group.

Thank you both, will do.

Do you have any suggestions for remote desktop between Windows 7 and Ubuntu? Use to use RealVNC for remoting into stuff, but they have yet to release the free version for Windows 7. Anyone know of some (preferably free) alternative that I can run on Windows 7 and Ubuntu?


OK hold that, I am just reading a post by BkS that Mark has responded to with some stuff that should be useful.

Should have looked first. Sorry :-[