Surprised Wine still having problems with Office 2007

I have just upgraded my laptop from mint 13 64bit to mint 17 64bit and have found that I had the same issue installing Office 2007 as before.

Good job that the work round provided on this group still works.

You would have thought they would have fixed this by now…?

OK, my question would be is: Why are you still using Office?

My clients are still using office 2007/2010 and whilst Linux software is improving it dose not have the same document layouts etc.

The reverse is the case if producing document or presentations then you need to know that when they are opened in Office that they will look as intended.

Kingsoft Office does a much better job of handling MS Office formats it might be worth giving it a try, it’s still closed source but it runs natively in Linux and as far as I can judge 100% compatible with MS Office


Have you tried compiling the latest version of Wine from the website, rather than using the repo version?

As long as you have the M$ Office fonts installed … otherwise (as in Office itself) the use of different fonts can change the formatting slightly.

The wine website confirms that there are still issues when using Office 2007 32bit software on the Wine 64bit application. Kingsoft do not yet produce a 64bit package when they do I will try it out.

Thanks for pointing me in the direction of this software…