Suspend issues

I am running 11.4 the computer goes into suspend fine but will not wake up when mouse or keyboard are used.

I have a usb keyboard and a ps2 mouse

Have to power off the system and then restart.

Any suggestions as to what to look at to solve this issue.

You are going to have to look in the log file viewer… particularly at dmesg and syslog and look for clues.

or just disable suspend.

There’s quite a lot of buzz about a similar issue:- It seems the screensaver freezes things up. In actual fact, everything keeps working in the background, but the screen is locked off. I have/had the problem on my 11.04 laptop, but as Mark says, stopped it from suspending, and also disabled “sync to vblank” in compizconfigsettings manager, under opengl settings.
Haven’t had much trouble since…
The problem is discussed here Bug #762918 “Natty Screensaver freezes system after some period ...” : Bugs : gnome-screensaver package : Ubuntu in very great depth.
Tramlink, could your problem be related?

Hi, thanks for the info. Suspend is disabled I want to select it manually when I go for lunch it reduces my power consumption but should allow a quick resumption of the system if required.

I have not had any problems with the screen saver.

Your not the only one with a few suspension issues Tram! I’d suggest looking at the log file, it’s definitely something to do with a kernel.

OK will have a look at the log file…Thanks.