Switching to Linux because of Microsoft Edge

As the title says, I’m switching to Linux, because Windows won’t let me uninstall Microsoft Edge. Apparently, even through the freaking PowerShell or command line, you cannot uninstall the virus-disguised-as-a-browser that is microsoft edge, because they’re so desperate for you to use their shiny new browser that they’ll lock you out from uninstalling it, and even freaking pinning it to your taskbar automatically with no way of removing it (it goes invisible, but it’s still there). Call me crazy, but I feel like I should be able to uninstall whatever I want (except maybe purely critical stuff like cmd and such) on my own computer! /rant

Anyway, gonna install Mint now. See y’all around.

Hey mate,

Understand totally been there. Hope you enjoy Mint :wink:


I take it that you are not too happy about Microsoft products.

Mint is a good choice but be aware that (as far as I can tell) Version 20 comes with the “Timeshift” application built in. This takes regular ‘snapshots’ of your system, including all the s/w that you install, in order to ease recovery from disaster or changing computers. Sounds good, but one Member has reported his disk filling up almost completely with Timeshift files. A web search reveals others with the same problem and the method of removing Timeshift. Just saying…
If I can find the post again I’ll put it here as an edit.


Here’s the link about Timeshift I referred to: http://linuxforums.org.uk/index.php?topic=13889.msg111697#msg111697