Sync files between laptop and desktop

Hi Guys,
Is there a SIMPLE way tp share files between my laptop and desktop which are both running Ubuntu 14.04? I would appreciate it if replies were as simple as possible and step by step as I do not regard myself as a computer wizz.
Thanks in advance,


If that doesn’t work, install system-config-samba:

sudo apt-get install system-config-samba

the look for “Samba” in your menu / dash … and use that to configure your shares.

Once you’ve set up the shared folder on each machine, you should be able to browse to them in your file manager via
Go > Network
and add a bookmark if you want.

Thanks Mark,
inevitably a follow up question, how do I create shares, could you give me an example,
thank you


Got it working one way, ie Laptop recognised on Desktop but not other way round yet, will keep trying.
Thanks again,