t mobile dongle setup

hello folks has anyone been able get a tmobile dongle working on an acer aspire one, if so help would be very appreciated, not getting anywhere with trying to get it connected. thanks

is the dongle recognized ?

What is the make/model of the dongle ?

Have you run an update on the AA1 ?

What settings have you tried ?

sorry not very tech minded as far as linux is concerned it is a tmobile broadband usb stick 620 that what it says on the box zte 620 as far as updateing thenetbook will connect up on wireless and have done a full update that way

yes the dongle is recognised and can read the windows files on the dongle looks like i need to do a manual set up but dont know how

I remember I had a 3 ZTE dongle. All I did was plug it in, and as long as there was credit on it it would work out of the box. I’d just select it from the network connections applet and away it went.

See here for how to run the “Mobile Partner” software… then hopefully it’s just a matter of getting the settings right for the T-Mobile network: