tablets and Linux

You know those tablet computers- all Microsoft unless one has shedloads of money for the Apple i pads- can Linux be installed on tablets?

Well, Android tablets are already running Linux (kind of) :o

Windows Surface tablets -

Surface Pro - yes but wireless doesn’t work

Surface RT - NO, they are locked and AFAIK nobody has done it yet

Android tablets - far too many to say, you’d have to Google a particular make/model.

Apple iMsad - iDontcare ::slight_smile:

or you could just wait for the Ubuntu tablet:

or try bunging it on a Nexus7 yourself … but don’t blame me if you brick it:

Here is another link Exploring Ubuntu Touch, the other Linux OS for your phone | Ars Technica

It’s in it’s early days. I am watching carefully and have two tablets ready…not just yet though for the same caution that Mark said, I don’t want to brick my tablets. :wink:
I am going to give it more time as it is still in it’s infancy.

You can read breaking news on Ubuntu Touch here.

Mark please delete any links you don’t want.

Why would I want to delete any links ? … they’re Linux related, in response to a question, and non-spam :slight_smile:

Thanks for the replies guys and apologies for the tardy reply- been working full time recently and been mad busy. Yes, I don’t really need a tablet for now and will wait for a Linux one! I have inherited my late brother’s laptop ( it’s in my mother’s at the mo) and so will have that was well as my netbook. Of course it is Microsoft but I will see if my Linux group will Linux it for me cos don’t want to be using Microsoft again, grateful tho I am for a spare laptop. I have also inherited his Kindle- have yet to try that out.