Task for members!

We have a Linux supplier directory that needs filling, if anyone is aware of a vendor that doesn’t appear in the directory, or has some feedback they would like to provide for a vendor that does, any help would be much appreciated.

To see what’s there, try http://linux.co.uk and click on the Vendors tab.
(see the green buttons for the four categories …)

Feel free to post any info / feedback on this thread or mail [email protected] … all I need is a URL … :slight_smile:

Many thanks!

We host stuff. On linux only. http://positive-internet.com
New website coming soon(ish) :slight_smile:

Mmm, I think most ISP’s host on Linux to an extent … but do you provide any Linux support, consultancy, services, computers, CD’s … ? Maybe we need a category for Linux friendly hosting providers … do you provide Linux specific support to customers? (fx: goes off to measure space for a new button …)

We provide training on request, basically teaching customers how to administer their own servers and systems. We’ll advise on external linux-based systems, and in some cases will work on them for customers.

Excellent, would you like to write an entry yourself? Mail it thru and I’ll post it … :slight_smile:

fyi; we’re currently hanging around 20,000 visitors a month, but it is going up …