Testers Wanted

Hi, we’ve developing a new (shared) filesystem and are looking for people to help test it … nothing formal, basically get an account, then see if you can log in and break it. Works on Linux/Mac OSX and Windows, suitable for document storage rather than anything at a lower level.
(it’s based on WebDAV)

If anyone’s interested, please drop me an email (madpenguin@) or PM me …


If you’re still after testers after the 17th, I’ll be more than happy to try and break it … I’ll get my kids to train me, they are world class at breaking things :wink:

Thus far it’s finding bugs in OS WebDAV clients rather than the other way round. Nautilus for example has a rather nasty bug where it switches free space and used space statistics, which means that if you have an empty drive, it reports you have zero total capacity (!)
[note that DavFS2 does work Ok, the error is in the GFS/Neon layer)


Windows 7 client doesn’t report usage at all if you use “Network Places”, and if you use a drive mapping, it reports the free/used space from drive C: rather than the WebDAV share. (and it does the same if you connect to a WebDAV enabled Windows IIS server, so it ain’t my server!)

Apple come out of it rather better, not only do they get the above right, but they do proper V2 stuff including locking and versioning, but then their Finder app seems to use the OS’s WebDAV interface, which seems pretty stable. They also support PUT chunking which makes it feel a lot smoother when doing transfers.