Testers wanted ...

Hi, I’m playing with a new toy here;


If anyone has a little time to burn and wants to help test, please PM me and I’ll send you a login …

Can you give us a hint of the purpose of this new area?

yeah I don’t just sign up for thing randomly…sorry, if you can tell us what the site is?

It’s this …

Right, so it’s some kind of social networking extension, like a profile-plus? Kinda like LinkedIn? With IRC built-in?

Newsflash :::

It’s really hard to describe without writing a book - which is why I just set it up and let people try it …

But yes, it’s like linkedin, facebook, google+, and a whole bunch of other stuff … :slight_smile:

I have to agree with MP … it’s hard to describe and any explanation would be massive and still probably miss a lot.

If you want a look around, join the test,

If for some reason you’re worried about joining something hosted by someone you don’t know … you do realise that Mad Penguin is the person who runs/hosts this forum ?

Not worried (hell, I could just make up a load of rubbish on it), just didn’t want to waste his time creating me a logon or whatever, only for me to poke around on it for 2 minutes then declare “this is crap”