Tethering Andriod mobile phone with Ubuntu laptop for internet.

I am about to sign up for a mobile with Unlimited internet from the 3 network. They advertise that the phone can be tethered to your computer but there is no mention of Linux. Does anyone have any experience of tethering an Android phone with Linux.

Many Thanks

Do you know which phone ?

Well Mark, I will either go for the Samsung Ace or the better Sony Experia Arc S. It depends on the mood of my ball and chain on the day! :frowning:

Looks like it can be done (without rooting), but it’s probably not going to be a one click affair.

I find it a little strange that (unless I’m mistaken) there’s no pretty GUI for doing this, and that Windows seems better supported by Android than Linux … considering the fact that Android is Linux … but that seems to be the nature of the beast.

Considering it appears to be just adding the phones USB ID strings, then using part of the Android SDK to connect (USB debugging, adb), I’m surprised nobody has written a front end for this … maybe a licensing issue ??

I’m putting these links here for future reference.



I’ve also read that it may be possible to use the phones wifi connection in ad-hoc mode for tethering.

Thanks very much Mark. :slight_smile: I will post more when I get the phone.

Well, here is an update as promised. I went for a Samsung Galaxy wave 2 but took it back as I didn’t like it. However, it connected easily to my Toshiba laptop using Ubuntu 10.10 by selecting ‘tethering’ on the phone,this then displayed a wifi found signal on my laptop. I entered the security code provided on my phone and it worked straight away. I now have a Sony Experia Arc S. I havn’t used it yet it’s currently being charged up but the salesman says it works just the same.

I will keep you informed.


Thanks for the info … the salesman is probably right, as I’d expect it to be a function of Android rather than the phone … but let me know anyway please :slight_smile:

Will do Mark. BTW the 3 network was really fast tethered. The pages just sprung open. I have had to upgrade as the wording with the 3 network was unclear. The tethering is only allowed (unlimited) with the ‘one plan’ which starts at £27. The Sony is on the one plan at a cost of £32 per month but that comes with genuine unlimited (not fair use) internet and 2000 mins calls and 5000 texts plus 2000 ‘3’ to ‘3’ calls. So as I do not have a land line now and have just cancelled my rubbish Orange mobile (dongle) internet I am actually saving money! Luckily I am in a ‘3’ internet hotspot. :slight_smile:

I will keep you up to date shortly.

Yes. It works with the Sony Experia Arc S as well. Exactly the same as above but it did take me a bit longer as I used the tried and tested Toonman ‘cock up’ method of using different password spelling for the security key. :-[

I can’t vouch for other distro’s or editions but it works for Ubuntu 10.10…just use the same passwords. :wink:

Heh ;D … Thanks for that …

a) It made me laugh
b) It’s a useful piece of info … I take it you mean use the same password as the Ubuntu box on the phone ?

I take it you mean use the same password as the Ubuntu box on the phone ?

Yep! You know me I like to make the simple things as difficult as possible. :wink: