The "du" command and file-list [SOLVED]

I use the “du” command quite a lot - it’s very useful. Better still: one can read from a file a list of files/directories for which one wants a size summary.
The Man pages offer the option:
summarize disk usage of the NUL-terminated file names specified in file F

I tried creating a simple list containing one file or directory per line but this doesn’t work.
I guess the clue is in the “NUL-terminated file names specified in file” requirement but I can’t discover from Google just what a NUL-terminated file name is.
Can anyone advise me, please?

Found a solution!
du -sh cat <file-name-path>
Hope this helps others, although it would still be nice to understand the proper “du” option.

… but there are a few quirks to the “cat” method:
I have found that the file list can be in any directory as long as the listed files/directories are in the current directory.

If anyone has used the “–files0-from=F” du option successfully, I would be grateful for advice.