The hardware requirements for borgbackup2

I wanted to set up a borgbackup2 on my server after a recent data loss.

I followed this borgbackup2 setup tutorial.
But I wanted to know for the sake of optimization, what are the hardware requirements for a setup with like 5 servers, or for a setup with 12 servers?

The tutorial only said that it depends on the number of clients without any specifics

Ok, you need to be more specific about what you are asking / why. If you want a benchmark, I backup about a dozen servers on a daily basis using borgbackup, my borgserver is a container running on a Raspberry Pi version 4 with 4Gb RAM. Subject to space (I only have 1Tb in there) it would probably support hundreds of machines.

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Ah, I understand.
So in that case it should be safe to say that the CPU and RAM aren’t a major issue on my scale.
Thank you, that is what I was mainly curious about.

Memory isn’t really an issue, CPU, well, it will use the CPU but that’s just a speed / concurrency issue … don’t do all your backups at the same time! :wink: