The Mysterious World Of Video....(SOLVED)

A bit bored last night,thought I would try copying some Video files.

Formatted a flash drive to Fat 32 and did a simple copy/paste from home folder.

Plugged flash into TV and it run perfectly.

So far so good…Will try copying same file to DVD.

Burned the same file to DVD on K3b and into TV…Codecs Not Supported.

How can the same file transfer ok to flash but not to Disk…?.

Purely an interest project.

Jocklad ::slight_smile:

Hi jocklad

Did you burn the DVD in DVD format or simply copy it in the same way as you did with the flash drive ?

If you copied it in the same way it’s unlikely the DVD player in your TV will recognise it also some DVD players have copy protection built in to prevent you playing copy discs.

I would suggest if you want to use the DVD player you first convert the file to DVD format (you can use DeVeDE for that you’ll find it in the repos) then burn it to your disc and try it that way

Good luck


Thanks Graeme will have a look at DeVeDE.


DeVeDE worked a treat Graeme.

Will mark this as Solved

Many thanks.

Jocklad :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

You’re welcome, glad it worked :slight_smile: