The myth behind the TV

Hi all!

I’ve just moved into my nice new pad and I’m thinking of setting up MythTV. Have any of you got MythTV, or had any dealings with it?

I’ve read loads of good stuff online but what are your thoughts and opinions?

Sorry glitch … can’t say I’ve ever tried it :frowning:

For streaming I use either the dlna server built into my NAS, or minidlna … as for PVR, nowadays is there really anything on British TV that’s worth recording, or won’t be repeated over and over again anyway ?

I’m the same to be honest. I use miniDLNA to stream from my pc and I don’t really watch a lot of TV.

I just thought it would be a nice project, especially for when people come round and ask what it is and I can talk Linux!

Ahh … suddenly it makes sense :slight_smile:


You could just do what I do … slip a muscle relaxant in their beer … then you can talk Linux at them for hours :slight_smile:

I use mythtv with a Hauppage satellite card. It takes a while to set up - I had to look up and set all the channel numbers manually - but it works well.

I’ve also got a media library on a network shared drive, I use XBMC to watch these. It also now has a PVR built in and can connect to a mythtv backend, but fast forwarding through recordings doesn’t seem to work.

Mark, that’s a little bit rapey…

C:-) 8) C:-)

Myth TV is a nice piece of code.

If you have the funds to buy the supported TV receiver. It does require a bit of knowledge of Databases as it requires a MySQL (or something paid for but who wants that?) to store the program data and (if you set it up right) program storage.

Try XBMCbuntu which can use Myth TV but can use lots of other apps. If you are particularly interested in sports then there are apps that streams live games from around the world (questionably legal but whatever).

Hope this helps