Thunderbird not saving sent emails [ Solved ]

I have now noticed that Thunderbird 13.0.1 is not saving my sent emails. I have been into the setting and have the box ticked for “place a cpy in sent” but is is not doing it. Any one know what I may be doing wrong.

Is this a POP3 or IMAP account ?

Have you restarted Tbird since making the setting change ?

IIRC, there may be 2 “Sent” folders … one for “Inbox” and one for “Local” or “Global” or similar (names may be wrong, I can’t remember.) … are you sure you’ve got the correct one configured ?

I’m running Thunderbird 13 myself, and have my Gmail account tied to it. Thunderbird won’t save any emails from services like Gmail, instead it’ll save it them in Gmail’s sent folder, so that you can view them from anywhere in the world. It’s actually pretty neat.

You can of course go into the SMTP settings and change that. :slight_smile:

@Mark - Since Thunderbird 12, Thunderbird now automatically configures email for you, so if your using services like Gmail, Hotmail or Ymail you only need to enter your email address and password, and then you’re done.

My email account is with demon Internet. It is a pop3 account. See screen shot for settings I think I have it right!

Yeah your sending it to your email address’ global folder. You’ll need to select Other > Sent. For the local folder. :slight_smile:

I changed it to the Local folders and it worked. Changed it back and it would not save again. So I created new folder called Sent mess under the mark@allfab, and deleted the old sent folder then set it to save there. It worked it is now saving sent messages.


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