Title Bar dissapeared from open windows

Hello folks, bit of a newbie here.

I have been playing with Ubuntu for a good few days now and slowly tweaking it to my tastes.

During these tweaking moments, I have managed to somehow dissable the title bars from all the windows. This is a bit of a pain as I now have to right click on the relevant title along the bottom toolbar (in classic mode) and select close to exit the window.

Is this a known bug or have I managed to deselect something in my ignorance?

I think I was playing with the desktop cube settings at the time.

Thanks for any help,


Ok, fixed that, but cannot move windows around the screen. I’m pretty sure I was able to drag and drop them before as in microplops offering. Any ideas?

Have you disabled the “Move Windows” plugin… in the “Window Management” section of CompizConfig Settings Manager ?

Was the original issue (missing titlebars) caused by disabling the “Window Decoration” plugin ?

Erm, yes and yes. You really do know your stuff don’t you!

Cheers. :slight_smile: