Torrent advice please help URGENT!!!-SOLVED

Hey guys I was watching an old American tv show called Dark Shadows on you tube and it only goes up to episode 212 on there (the uploader can’t go past that for copyright purposes… or she would…it has a real following). I am very addicted to this series- it is riveting. It was shown from 1966-1971, but never over here in UK (except on satellite tv in the 1990s I believe)
I have seen all that is on YT, and the uploader gave a torrent link (she got the uploads from it), but one person (who uses Microsoft of course) said that Macaffee wasn’t trusting it. :-
The files are mp4 format and I have 2 portable hard drive storage devices I could save them on (I wouldn’t keep them for long, just watch and delete as I go along… as there are about 1,000 episodes!).
I want to get your advice if the site is ok? the YT girl downloaded from them.

My brother did me some old Star Treks from some torrent site a couple of years ago. I can ask him too next time I see him ( he uses Mac though).

I am dying to see the rest of the series- I have been avidly watching it for weeks!

I thought it was on netflix so I signed up for the free trial only to find that it is not :(- so I will cancel netflix- there is nowt on there I am interested in!

An MP4 isn’t executable, so though it could theoretically carry an embedded virus, it would not be executed so should be safe.

But be aware that if it comes as an executable that needs running to unpack it, it probably wouldn’t be advisable to run it in Windows.

if it comes as a plain mp4 you should be OK.

Thanks for the reply Mark. This is new to me- torrent, so I don’t know how to download it- it seems to me it comes in one big folder? It looks like it is 28.69 GB- this is huge right? I don’t know if I have enough space on my laptop, but I have 2 portable HDS, but firstly they are downloaded onto the laptop right?

Yes it is MASSIVE, and there are 5 torrents of that size with only 5 or 6 seeds … so downloading them will take ages.

That might cause my old laptop a problem… :-
There is a guy online who is linking his one drive uploads; he has them in folders in mp4 episodes that one can download one by one, but I missed the beginning…he said he might start again in a few weeks ( he does them in batches) so I will wait and see what he does first.
What is a seed?

Someone that has the file and is allowing others to download it from him.

I am still waiting for the guy on one drive to start to the beginning. I could try the torrent, but I would rather try a folder to save directly to a spare portable HD my bro gave me. How can I set it so that the download would go straight to the HD and not my laptop first? And could it be set back again for other downloads? Thanks.

When you start the torrent it should ask where to save it … does it not ?

Not on my laptop, no. Anyway the one drive guy started uploading matroskas from the beginning again! So now I have seen Barnabas Collins rise from his coffin.

No Mark- just goes right to my laptop. I might need to download some torrents if I get up to seeing all the one drive guy has uploaded (matroskas) and he doesn’t upload the rest.

So when you click on a .torrent file, you’re not presented with this:-

No, I don’t get that Mark, but I am in luck! Someone has posted the later episodes onto you tube! So I can watch/download them there! ;D

Mark I need to download that Torrent as there are many episodes missing on you tube!!! I am addicted to this show and going crazy to see the next ones!! I don’t get that torrent options that you showed me- how’d I get it?

It doesn’t even seem to download- all that gets saved is a document to my file manager.

I’ve never done this before- how’d I do it? Mark I will be SUPER grateful as I am at a crucial part in the storyline and need to know what happens next!! Please help me thanks!!

I assume you had only downloaded the .torrent file. This file will only tell your torrent client where to go and get the actual target (video) file from.
If you have no torrent client then you could install one:

sudo apt-get install transmission-gtk

once that is installed then locate Transmission in your menu under Internet and run it.
Once it is open go to Edit->Preferences->Downloading then change the Save to Location: to the folder on your external drive
Then click in Close. Once back at the main interface of Transmission go to File->Open and then navigate to the .torrent file you just dowloaded and add it to your list, then click Open again to accept the defaults

Thanks so much SeZo- I just saw your reply. this is what I get when I tried:

OK, you could click the Open With radio button next to BitTorrent Client (default) then OK to accept it.
That should open your BitTorrent Client and add the .torrent file to the list.
If you get options like Mark posted before then set the download folder on that

Ok I did the stuff in the terminal and the torrent is under internet. I changed it to download to a portable HD I have SeZo, and I then went back to the torrent site and clicked to save it but I can’t see it downloading…

I shall have a look!

Ok, this is all new to me SeZo…I think it is downloading!!! ;D

If this works and I get to see the next lot of what vampire Barnabas Collins is up to then I am your e-buddy for life lol