toshiba portege 3500

hi all

any one help me im after a light linux for a 5 year old girl and all so contain all the drivers for a toshiba portege p3500, ive spent many hours installing linux and testing , some have worked slow some have worked ok , some have worked fast but they all seem to be missing certain drivers mainly rotation graphics driver or pen ?

trident video accelerator cyberblade , ai1 v6.4229.221cd_rotation_se_dxva_tablet . not to worried about infrared or bluetooth drivers. ive upgraded the ram to 1024MB to speed it up a bit.

ive tried a few live cds as well some worked from cd but when installed it was not nice lol

Hi munsky, and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I’m a little lost by what you mean by “ai1 v6.4229.221cd_ rotation_se_dx va_tablet” … I take it that’s a graphics tablet ?

have you come across a distro where that works at all … if so, which distro ?

Have you tried Peppermint (probably best to check out version 3) ?

hi and thanks for reply

the p3500 is a laptop and tablet you can use it as a laptop or twist the screen round to turn into a tablet

all i know when its got xp tablet installed in device manager it comes up as
trident video accelerator cyberblade , ai1 v6.4229.221cd_ rotation_se_dx va_tablet so i wondering if anyone had managed to build a linux with that driver in or a replica ?

ive installed all sorts of linux in past some the pen works on it but does not rotate screen when moved or pen dont work and others had other drivers missing like sound ect ,

i been playing around with computers and linux for years but never had time to look into building a distro or extracting cab files and stuff to install drivers or how it goes , im more into the build and repair of the machine than software side of it.

but ive tried that many now i cant remember which ones worked with rotation but was very slow and annoying . of top of my head the only linux that comes to mind is bhodi but i must of ran into a problem or id still have it on the laptop :-\

Pretty amazing that Enlightenment could cope with rotation! Although I expect the hard work is done by the X server anyway…

I take it Ubuntu doesn’t work very well? The 12.04LTS release is supported until 2017, so that’s quite a while…

ive tried ubuntu , lubuntu , kubuntu , xubuntu anything with untu in i think i’ve tried lol .

not long tried lxle live cd had to run it in safe graphics mode for it to work the few games i tried was a bit slow
and gimp was too slow took ages for it to catch up with the pen so ,didn’t think it would be worth installing all so only additional driver
it found was for the modem.

i really dont want to put xp tablet back on it , what happend to lycoris i played with that many moons ago an thought it had potential

these captcha pics are a pain ::slight_smile:

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Do you know which version of bodhi rotation worked on ? … AFAIK, Bodhi is Ubutnu 12.04 based … so if rotation works in Bodhi I’d expect it to work in Peppermint 3

Peppermint 3 is Ubuntu 12.04 based … but with the LXDE desktop like LXLE, only it’s lighter than LXLE … LXLE seem to take the “everything including the ktichen sink” approach … where Peppermint installs next to nothing and relies on web apps out of the box, but you can install anything in Peppermint that’s in LXLE or Ubuntu/Lubuntu as they all use the Ubuntu precise repos.

Just sayin …

disclosure - I’m a member of Team Peppermint, read into that what you will :wink:

Mark - do you reckon this could be a video driver issue? It seems a bit strange that the X server would have a regression that leaves rotation performing better in a prior version. Unless the auto-rotation is distro-specific, and it’s the distro with the regression

I’d expect the drivers and xorg versions to be the same for Bodhi and Peppermint (as they both AFAIK get them from the Ubuntu repos) … so even if E17 has an app for rotation, I’d expect it to be doable in any of the “buntu’s”

But there may be a driver/xorg version thing going on here … which is why I wondered which version of Bodhi worked.

cheers for the input peeps i will try peppermint but ive tried lots of ubuntu based distro’s and they all seemed ok on first install,
but then ive noticed certain drivers missing or they are slow and on a few when putting pen on screen the icon is no where near im pointing. ill get back to you if i find one that runs all functions intended on the system

thanks again :o

good lord peppermint server is slow or im being bent over an having my ports pocked to buggery , 16hrs to download the os :-\

Okey dokey … good luck :slight_smile:

With 256mb ram and its 1.33GHz Mobile Pentium III, I think you are going to be strugling to find distros light enough to run on that machine.
There are some instructions on the For Debian 3.1 (Sarge) here.

ive upgraded memory to 1024 MB and theres a few os distros out there that run on 16mb of ram so memory is not really a problem my problem is driver mainly for display , rotation and pen

i’ve had windows 7 running on it but no drivers for it from toshiba archive but some windows 2000 drivers worked to a degree but it was a bit slow

If performance is an issue, try Puppy Linux (the Ubuntu variant initially, then Slacko if you get no joy). Can’t guarantee the pen/touchscreen will work, but performance should be good

i’m trying peppermint 3 live cd without install

good point is it loads and works to a point seems to missing a lot of plugins so can’t fully test it and dont really want to install it to find out its not much better . but pen works and seems accurate to where i point. found ntfs file sysem from installed os

bad points still no rotation , dont know if sound is working tried chromium to play music on internet but plugin crashed , there was missing plugins flash / java so had no joy testing browser speed and sound , hasn’t found built in sd card reader so cant play music from there . only additional driver it found was modem gone through settings and dont seem to find anything to do with sound settings apart from in music player but no joy there :o

theres millions of linux os i dont really feel i want to install all of them besides it would cost me thousands in cd’s lol the portege p3500 wont boot up from usb stick i had to buy a targus dvd rom to install or run live cd’s due to it not having a built in one and wont communicate with any dvd rom .

Considering all the Linux distos are pretty much running the same kernels (with minor tweaks) there’s going to be little in it between any of them.

Adding the codecs/flash/java in Peppermint is easy … you’d probably also want to add PulseAudio (the only thing Mint has that Peppermint doesn’t)

Considering your goals are so tightly focused I doubt if you’ll find a distro that does everything “out of the box” … Pick one preferably a light one that can be tweaked.

If rotation works in Bodhi, it should be doable in any Ubuntu based distro.

yeah i have just downloaded bhodi again to double check it was that one , but im all now downloading the new zorin 6.2 lite to give that a whirl , i was hoping to find something a bit easier to dabble with and use as my 5 year old daughter will be drawing and stuff on it so need something a bit out of the box and not too demanding nor confusing as i would probly be bopping round house doing the house work , cooking ect while daughter plays with out screaming dad every 2 seconds ::slight_smile: lol

but thanks for all your input ill try bhodi again in a sec and see if it was that one cant seem to find the cd so had to download it again.

I know it’s a pain, but it would be handy to know which it worked in … then we could try to work out what they’re doing differently.

I’ve read that rotation worked a long time ago … kind of Ubuntu 7.10 (or something) then it got broken … then I can’t find much online since 2009 where it was still broken in the 1.32 (trident) drivers … they’re now at 1.36 in Ubuntu based distros and I’d expect Bodhi to have the same.
(that said, it may be more of an xorg version issue than the drivers)

But yeah, let us know if Bodhi works … then we may be able to get somewhere :slight_smile:

Have you seen this thread - [ubuntu] Screen rotation with a Trident video card
It’s old, but is about the same machine…

As it is for a 5 year old, have you thought to try Quimo 4 Kids?
As it is based on Ubuntu you may be able to twak it with drivers etc to work on that device.
You could also see this article about Kid-Friendly Linux Distributions.

I set up a PC for my grand-daughter running Peppermint 4 initially as an experiment and it turned out to be a huge success, there’s a load of great educational games available for Linux like gcompris and Tux Paint and Peppermint 4 in particular have the edutainment metapackage for children which is great and well thought out and apart from all that it’s been great fun setting it up and watching her learn to use a computer, she even has her own Zilladog email address now which is designed for children, I would recommend it for your 5 year old

Good luck