Transfer File-Modified-Dates between two directories with different structures

All I needed was to reorganize files in a directory. So I changed the directory structure and redistributed the files.

Unfortunately, this changed all file ModifiedDates to the current date (cuz it was done on android). Here’s how I plan to restore the original dates.

For each file in ReorganizedDir, find file with same name in OriginalDir and transfer its ModifiedDate.

As regards code, looping through ReorganizedDir and OriginalDir may require a FIND command or nested FOR-LOOP. Then I can use TOUCH to transfer dates.

Suggestions? Thanks. Eric

Hi Eric.

Sorry for very late response - you have probably done the job now.
Depending on the number of files (say >100) my solution would be to write a script to do exactly what you suggest. Much faster than doing it manually.

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