Transmission blocklists

I don’t know how to add to the blocklist on Transmission.
I found a/the site to get lists from - - This website is for sale! - torrent invites Resources and Information.
and don’t know how to make sure the list I add gets included and then add another one to add to it?


If you want to use mutiple blocklists in Transmission

Open Transmission

The blocklists can be obtained from either the bluetack or the iblocklist websites. They should be in a tar.gz extension to import into Transmission. A simple internet search will yield the blocklist URL of your choice.

I use:

Transmission allows automatic updating from only one blocklist currently, so enter the above URL (or one of your choice) into Edit > Preferences > Privacy > Enable blocklist: … click the Update button … click Close.

To enable multiple blocklists, download your preferred file, which should be in a tar.gz extension, and extract it into ~/.config/transmission/blocklist/ folder. This will not be automatically updated, so you must periodically update it by downloading the file manually and extracting it into the folder.

To check whether the blocklist is being enabled in Transmission, re-start, and click on Help > Message Log … you can see if they are being enabled.


ah!,rite. I thought it looked like it could only accept one blocklist in the entryfield.
I’ll have a go at adding more.


…er…! How do I download them?

Erm … I dunno, I just use the one blocklist that I gave the link to … you’ll have to search for them yourself … then download the .gz and extract it to your ~/.config/transmission/blocklist/ folder.

Once you have some, I can tell you where to put them … but I cannot tell you which ones to get and where :-\ … that’s Googles job :wink:

The link you provided above for a blocklist is down for maintenance and I was looking to get them from the site I mentioned but have no idea how to download them ad it just shows as a txt list in the browser.

Get the lists by using the URL’s on the right hand side of this page:

extract the .txt files from the .gz archive(s) that you download

and put them in:-


Close Transmission if it is open, then restart it … the .txt files will be automatically converted to .bin files, and loaded.

If you wish … ater runnng Transmission twice, you can delete the .txt files, but there is no need.

Any chance of those emails from HP you promised ?

I still cant get em, they come up as text in the browser
(copy n paste the link to the browser)

When you have it displaying as a text file in Firefox … go to File > Save Page As and save the file.

but if you copy paste the URL from the right hand side of the page I linked to into another Firefox tab, it should download as a .gz

but either way will work.

Sorted it. Using a fresh approach to it (Clearer head)
I was having trouble downloading the list as it was displaying it in the browser and not downloading it, I set it to DOWNLOAD .GZ files automatically and now I’ve got them, put the extracted file where you said to and now I’ve got a working blocklist.