Trouble with samba shares at bootup

I’ve got Gadmin Samba, Samba Status Moitor, Samba & Windows Shares all installed as I didn’t know what each of them are specifically designed to do.

The main problem I’m having is that the shares ares available at bootup, I have to mess around entering passwords in the aforementioned programs to get the shares working.

Can anyone help me try and get the shares working at bootup, I’ve even tried setting them to run at boot but that still didn’t work.

What are you trying to do ?

View shares on another PC … and you can’t ?


Share folders from this PC … and they’re not visible on the other PC ?

I’m trying to view shares from the PC in the bedroom to the laptop in the front room.
Samba is set up OK. I am able to view shares on the laptop. only after I open Gadmin Samba and enter the password.

Is there a way to have samba automatically allow sharing without me entering the password.

I’m now having problems, I can’t get the shares working at all now.
I know I’ve gone a little overkill with the samba programs I’ve installed, so could you advise me on what I really need,instead of having all four programs.

So you want the shares automounted ?

Are these share accessible anonymously, or do they require a username and password ?

I’m not sure, I I’m required to enter a username & password for some reason!

Setting the username and password to be entered automatically during the automount would be pretty easy … do you know the IP address or hostname of the shares on your network ?

If you know the IP address … is it a static IP ?

No, I dont know, tried searching for how but found rubbish and no, I don’t know if it is a static IP.