Truecrypt.Is it safe? [solved]

I’ve used TrueCrypt for years on Windows machines and, more recently, in Linux.

Now I’m trying to install it in Xubuntu, but I can’t find the installation file, and everywhere I look on the web is either offering version 7.2 which may be unstable, asking me to use a PPA, or getting blocked by Chrome as a potentially dangerous site.

I know TC isn’t officially supported since 2014, but all I’m trying to do is protect my data from anyone who might steal, or otherwise access my PC. I figure those people would probably not be able to crack the last stable version of TC, and probably wouldn’t even bother trying, since this is just someone’s personal computer and unlikely to contain anything particularly valuable to a casual thief.

Any views, anyone?

I think truecrypt was superseded (taken over) by veracrypt.

Cryptomator seems like it might be pretty good.

Others might give you a better view on this.

Thanks Wishbone,

I’ve found a copy of Truecrypt 7.1 and installed it so I’ll stick with that for now.

Thanks for your input.