Trying to mover outlook2003 to linux thunderbird (no windows O/s)Solved

im trying to move my out look 2003 from xp to thunderbird in linux
ive tried the help but sadly it dosn,t help me
im getting a new pc with no O/S on it this week ,ive transferred all my mail and cintacts to thunderbird in XP now i want to move it all to my Linux PC please tell me how to do this

If you have transferred all your emails and contacts to Thunderbird (and it is working OK) then it is relatively simple to transfer (or backup) your profile to a different location. Take a look at this link to see how to do that.

On Linux (once you installed Thunderbird) fire it up just once then close it. This will create the /home//.thunderbird folder in your home folder.
This is hidden by default, so use CTRL+H to show up in the file manager. Locate and then replace the profile folder (the one with funny letter and number combinations) with your backup from XP.

thank you