tux paint input not supported (Solved)

Hi guys

My 5 year old grand-daughter likes playing with tux paint on her pc (peppermint 3), the program works fine however when she’s in the tux paint screen an annoying box floats around the screen saying input not supported, I think this is coming from the monitor but it only occurs in that program,

has anyone any idea how I can sort it, any help would be much appreciated

Many thanks


It could be down to the mismatch in resolution (which your monitor cannot handle)
Try creating ~/.tuxpaintrc in the home folder to override the defaults:

gedit ~/.tuxpaintrc

Add the following line:


Run the program in full screen mode. Additionally, it will assume the screen’s current resolution (set by the operating system).

Save and exit
More options here

Hi SeZo

That sorted it thanks so much, you’ve made a wee lass very happy

Many thanks


Glad to be of service, at least some of the time ;D