Tuxcursor (Solved)

I have a PC I built for my 5 year old Grand-Daughter running peppermint 3, and I’m always looking for ways to personalise it for her and make it more childlike, so I thought I try to find another cursor theme more suitable for a wee girl.

As she loves tux the penguin I looked for a tux cursor theme and eventually found one on gnome-look.org, I extracted it to usr/share/icons, then opened up “customise look and feel” but it’s not listed as an option under “mouse cursor”, I tried installing various other themes in exactly the same way and they showed up no problem and i could select any of them, but for some reason not the one I want, I tried logging out and in and completely rebooting all to no avail.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated

Many thanks


Can you give us a link to it.


Second from the bottom tuxcursor-modified




sudo gedit /usr/share/icons/tuxcursor/index.theme

change it from:-

[Icon Theme]


[Icon Theme]

Save the file.

Now check in “Customise Look and Feel”

If “Customise Look and Feel” was already open, you’ll have to close it, then reopen it.


Thank you again Mark

But can you tell me why I had to do that to that theme when I didn’t need to do it with others ?

Just curious :slight_smile:


The guy who built the theme didn’t include the name … it WAS actually showing in the left pane of “Customise Look and Feel” … but it was just displaying as a blank field.

If you’d clicked the white space … it would hbave displayed the icons in the right pane :slight_smile:

As the index contained a “Inherits” field, it’s my guess that it was originally part of a complete icon theme “set” that probably contained icons for folders, etc. … the “Name” field was probably in the main index.theme file.

Yeah you’re right, I tried installing it to my own PC (which hasn’t been edited as per your instructions) and i clicked on the white space and sure enough there it was,

How the hell do you work all that stuff out ? :slight_smile:


Many thanks


See the edit above :slight_smile:

And you’re welcome.

How the hell do you work all that stuff out ? :)

As with everything … it’s just knowing what to look for … it all comes with time, and now you know too :wink:

One other thing while we’re on this subject

I installed a cursor theme to my own PC a while ago (Sputnik) and I noticed that I only had that cursor inside open applications and it reverted back to the standard cursor (DMZ-White) on the desktop,

I tried to find a way to make Sputnik the default but nothing i did worked, eventually I opened up usr/share/icons/DMZ-White changed the cursors folder name to cursors.original then pasted the cursors folder from the Sputnik folder into that directory, so now I have the Sputnik cursor all the time even on the login screen.

My question is was it ok to do it that way and was there an easier way to do it ?


Hey if it works … :wink:

At a guess there was probably an “Inherits=DMZ-White” line in the index.theme file for whatever main LXDE icon theme you were using.

Hey if it works .......

Yeah it works perfect… Clever huh ? :slight_smile:

Goodnight Mark


Hehe … yep, there’s nearly always a way to “con” the system :slight_smile: