TV bar 1.1


I was trying to listen to Radio 5 live on my net book. The station asked me to download a plugin to hear it. It turns out that it was a commercial station that has now installed TV bar 1.1 as an extension. I have been on their website and it says select add ons then extentions then uninstall but…it isn’t showing! I know I should have been more careful so apologise for having to ask for help when it’s my fault. :-[

Ubuntu 10.04 Netbook, Firefox, Samsung NC10 netbook

Probably the easiest way to uninstall would be to go to:
reinstall the toolbar… then after restarting firefox, go to Tools>Add-Ons>Extensions
and uninstall (in this order)
Conduit Engine
TV Bar 1.1 Community Toolbar

If that doesn’t work…

nautilus ~/.mozilla/firefox

look for a folder that ends with .default (mine is 4dkdm40g.default, yours will be similar) and go into it.

Now delete the following 2 folders

now go into the “searchplugins” folder and delete (if exists) conduit.xml

now go back up a folder, and enter the “extensions” folder
and delete the following 2 folders

Restart Firefox, and you’re done.


Used the first method, worked a treat. :slight_smile: