TWONKY media server problematic (Resolved)

The TWONKY media server on my WD My Book Live 1TB network drive is becoming a pain.

I use it to stream via the home network(via cable) films to my Philips smart TV recently there seems to be a comparability issue.

half way through a film the TV stops the film and asks me to install a media server on my computer.

I found on the net that TWONKY is not one of the best media servers could anyone recommend a different media server? It is possible to open the ssh Linux side of the WD software.

Any suggestions welcome.

But be aware you could quite possibly kill your NAS, so this is definitely AT YOUR OWN RISK

I have found another way as it seems that WD have developed an alternative media server.

This can be installed by downloading a file WDMediaServerPatch.deb and do in a update from locale file.

So far it is working well.

Nice … it’s also good to see that WD are using a Debian based OS :slight_smile: